Would like - Pilea peperomioides

I’m trying to grow my own but have definitely been sold a dud.
Can swap for one of my own plants or will be willing to pay for a cutting!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey I have a pilea baby, do you have any succulents?

Hello! I only have an aloe Vera? I’m willing to pay though. How much would you like? Thanks!

Do you have a list of the plants you have available? I see you said you have more than I the photo.

Hello, I have 4 baby pileas to trade in. Healthy little plants already in pots and growing well. What can you offer? I’d rather swap but can also sell for £5 plus postage. Thanks

Hello! I have another woman who might be sending me one but haven’t heard back yet. Will let you know if she is going to, if not I’ll take you up on your offer :slight_smile: thanks!

Hello Deja here from Brooklyn I have a bunch of pilea

It’s okay thanks I got some in the end! Thankyou though :slight_smile:

@AgaH I would love to trade with you, I have some Peperomia Rotundifolia or a jade plant cutting :blush:

Hi, that’s great. Is your Pepromia rooted or a new cutting? I’d like a cutting with roots if possible please :grin:

I can cut some now and wait for it to root :+1: