Wishing to Grow my Collection

Hello! New to this web page and looking to grow my collection. I am specifically interested in pink anthurium, rubber leaf tree, a ponytail palm, white dieffenbachia, string of pearls (amongst other succulent types) and other types of houseplants. I have lots of common houseplants (corn plant, green dieffenbachia, spider plants, snake plants, red anthurium, palms, bromeliads, various succulent types, cacti, philedendron, ferns, hens & chicks, bamboo, Christmas cactus & various others). Let me know! Thanks in advance!

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Are you still here? Looks like our collections have very little overlap, if you’re still looking.

Still here! Of course I am still interested in swapping. What types of plants do you have available? My collection has grown some since my original post.

I have 2 different wandering Jew. One a deep purple and one a solid green. I also have “devil’s ivy” and arrowhead vine, swedish ivy and a little English ivy. I can get you a piece of medicinal aloe, ogre’s ears, burros tail, and a few other assorted succulents.
Where are you located and is it too cold to ship there?