Where is the best shops, swaps and garden centres near Gloucestershire?

Any advice would be great, still looking to do trades on here. Looking to expand my collection!!

I’ve got a plant/flower shop in Hungerford and with a wide variety in plants and try to have the more different ones too. You’ve also got Wildleaf in Bristol who have an awesome plant selection!


Old Market Plants in Bristol is fab and I can personally recommend their plants as I have three and they are thriving! There is folia planting in Cheltenham, they look great but have not had an personal experience with them.
I would also recommend the Wyevale (Gloucester) near junction 12, they have a great range. My orchid, pilea peperomioides, air plant and a fair few others are all from there.
I also have a few plants from Homebase in Gloucester. They are a good source for a bargain too! And finally, Wilkos have thrown up quite a few little gems (though every single succulent I’ve got from them have died :expressionless:)


The amount of times I’ve almost bought Succies there knowing their fate :joy::joy: I figure if they reduce them though they’re worth a punt for leaf propagating but they never reduce them at my local :angry:

Almondsbury garden centre is nice :+1:

So I know this thread is old, but… We now have quite a few options for buying houseplant shops in Cheltenham and around.

  1. Cheltenham: the Aroid Attic - the shop opened this week! It’s on the Bath road, near the Norwood Arms. You can follow them on insta: @thearoidattic
    The woman who runs it also sells her plants at the wonderful cafe called Botanica - which is located on Alstone Lane: https://www.facebook.com/botanicacoffeekitchen/

  2. Cheltenham: Folia, it’s in the Montpellier area: https://foliaplanting.co.uk/

  3. Bristol - WildLeaf, the owner is lovely and I bought some great little plants in there: https://www.wildleafbristol.co.uk/

  4. Huntley (near Gloucester) - a garden centre, but also a design shop: https://www.leafcreative.co.uk/

  5. Droitwich: Webbs garden centre. A huge place with a pet section, a Lakeland and Hobbycraft also! But their indoor plants section is very well stocked: https://www.webbsdirect.co.uk/

Hope this helps some people :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!

Wildleaf is expensive but the plant quality is great!