Welcome to Houseplant Swap! (please read first)


Welcome to House Plant Swap! This is a free and open community project run by @therealhouseplantsof_ig from Instagram. We’re a collective of UK houseplant hoarders and we wanted to foster an online community to encourage the swapping of plant cuttings, both in Europe and across the world.

How to site is organized
Simply put, this is a place where you can offer cuttings of plants you’d like to swap or find cuttings being offered by other members of the Houseplant Swap community.

Our site is organized firstly by geography, so that you can easily find swaps that are relatively easy to send/receive. It’s not so easy, for example, for a member in USA to swap with a member in Europe due to import restrictions. Additional, beneath each geographic “Category” you’ll find the individual posts or “Topics.”

For Sale
This site is intended to run on the barter system, so “for sale” postings are discouraged since others may be offering the same plants completely free of charge. If money changes hands relating to a swap, it’s usually agreed between the parties to cover differences in postage.

Tags (same functionality as hashtags)
There are two very important tags to be sure you use

  • #want … use this if you are seeking a cutting
  • #have … use this if you have a cutting and are offering it as a swap
    When you create a topic, the option to create Tags is listed right next to the Topic description. Please do not use too many tags (keeping it to have/want, geography, and a couple of descriptive ones such as the genus and species is good)

Posting a new Topic
When you have a swap to offer or you’d like to announce a plant you want, it’s most helpful if you start the topic with "Have: " or "Want: ". This makes browsing through the Topics very easy and helps members know what they may like to further investigate. For example, if you are seeking a Marble Queen pothos, you might title your Topic as “Want: Marble Queen pothos.” Remember to also use tags to help people search more easily!

To keep the appeal as wide as possible, English is preferred as the posting language. However, feel free to post in your native language, particularly if you are looking to only swap within your home country.

Of course, feel free to browse one of the geographic Categories and the Topics within it to see the types of houseplants available or find what is popular. Any time you are browsing and see a Tag in bold, you can click this to easily filter all Topics with this tag.

When typing in search terms, you’ll notice the lists of Tags comes up automatically when you start with # and then type a few letters. This is why it is important to Tag wiseley to help others find your swap Topics. Remember you can combine tags on your search like:
#have #europe

To protect your own privacy, please never share your address details within a Topic. Use private messages, or other social platforms, to connect directly with other members to exchange private information.

Swap done, but have a problem?
This site, nor its admins or members, will not get involved in resolving disputes related to swaps. Please take this up directly with the community member you’ve swapped with to reach a mutually agreeable outcome. You can also post feedback on the dedicated Category here on Houseplant Swap.

Hello everyone, I'm Olga from Spain