Watermelon peperomia

Hi guys! This is my first post on House Plant Swap but I’m excited to start swapping plants! My propagation station is over flowing.

I’d love to swap some plants for a watermelon peperomia, either plant or cutting :smile:

I have mini cacti, opuntia bunny ears, tradescantia zebrina and Christmas cactus to swap x


Hey! Sapplants. I have a watermelon leaf with roots and some without if you have the patience to have a go at rooting them yourself? Can send both. Not looking for anything in return as present and happy to send…


I am also looking for a watermelon Peperomia if you have a second cutting? Happy to pay postage :slight_smile:

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Sure! Can you message me your address on insta I find it easier to keep track on there! @plant_joy.
Thanks. Victoria

I’d love a Christmas cactus cutting or bunny ears :blush:

I have: :seedling::seedling::seedling:
Peperomia Rotundifolia
Crassula Rupestris
Ficus benjamina
Mother of millions
Jade plant
Stapelia Orbigata
And some other bits


I have a Christmas cactus cutting if you’re interested :blush:

@Carla-Louise-Bailey I’m afraid my Stapelia is looking a bit small, there isn’t much I can take off it, but I’d definitely be happy to if you want to pick something else as well! :blush:

How about your Peperomia Rotundifolia if that’s okay?

@Carla-Louise-Bailey Great! I’ve got a few cuttings going :blush: I saw your other post, I’d love some String of hearts cuttings instead if that’s ok? :heart:

Hey I can do both if you like? :blush:

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Great! I’m afraid the Peperomia hasn’t rooted yet, but it’s very easy just pop them in a glass of water and wait :blush:

That sounds great thank you :blush:

What is your address? I will get the cuttings sent to you :blush:

Hey I can send the cuttings tomorrow, What is your address?

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