Wanting to trade!

Hello, I am in Ontario and I am looking for trades!!! :herb::seedling:
I have:
Philodendron: Micans, Brasil, Heart Leaf
Pothos: Neon, Pearls and Jade, Devils Ivy, Marble Queen
Monstera: Deliciosa, Adansonii
Variegated String of Hearts, String of pearls, String of Bananas.
Peperomia Prostrata
Starfish sansevieria
Arrowhead: Variegated Green and White, burgundy
Spider plant
Burrows tail
Curly Jade

I am looking for:
Philodendron Pink Princess, White Knight
Variegated String of Pearls
String of Hearts
Pothos: Cebu Blue, Manjula
Whale Fin Sansevieria :white_check_mark:
Pale pink arrowhead :white_check_mark:
Monstera: Variegated, Thai Constellation
Hoya compacta: Variegated and Non-Variegated

Have a lovely day!!! :green_heart:

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Im only looking for scandipus treubii black and silver. You can check my Instagram accoubt and choose plants that you like and we can trade che_rasca

I am so sorry, I had to look up

I do not have one of these nor have I see one around. It’s so beautiful! Good luck on your search!!