Wanted: micans, string of turtles, Hoya, something not in my trade picture(attached)

Wanted: Looking for micans, string of turtles, various Hoya, or anything else that might be unique. Picture attached of what I can trade. First time posting and new to the trading plant game. image

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What are the two bottom middle plants? I love those.

I have hoya carnosa krimson princess, hoya carnisa compacta (hindu rope), hoya ds-70, as well as almost all pothos varieties, and lemon-lime philodendron

Hi! Thanks for the response. I would love to trade you my:
pilea glauca ‘aquamarine’ and Peperomia ‘hope’
for your:
Hoya ds-70 and Hindu rope. Do you have a satin pothos by chance?

I have silver pothos to spare, my satin is not big enough for cuttings yet.
I actually have pilea glauca already it looked like something else in the pic. sorry! Would you like to trade your pepperomia hope for the ds-70 or hindu rope? Or maybe you have enough pepperomia to spare to do for both? :slight_smile: I wouldn’t mind a robust little new pot-o-pepperomia!

Sure that sounds great! Sorry it was something you already had. I also have string of dolphins, string of beans, string of hearts, turtle vine or aloe if you would prefer one of those in exchange of the extra pilea glauca? Let me know what you would like in exchange for your plant gems! I have been after those babies for a while so thanks :slight_smile:

I would be happy to trade for just your pepperomia hope, how much can you spare?

I have an established mother plant and some babies in the nursery. (I work at a greenhouse) the cuttings are not rooted yet but I would say 2-3 cuttings?

So what would you like to trade? I’m back in town and can send soon :slight_smile:

I can send you my pepperomia hope for your hindu rope.