Wanted: cuttings, must like long walks to the garden, offering trades

In search of my plant goals… but do they ever end!!! Let’s make a trade happen! I have a few cuttings of each that I’d be willing to trade direct message me @Petalsinfullbloom

Plant lust list:
*Pink princes philodendron/ white knight
*Variegated monstera adonsi
*Anthurium: birds nest, crystallinum
*Dracaeana goldieana
*hoya Kerri variegated
*Begonia: peacock, flamingo, maculata, others
*Jewel orchid
*A surprise!!

I have:
*Variegated Jade
*Monstera adonsi
*Silver squill
*Black pagoda
*String of hearts
*Monstera deliciosa
*Peperomia ivy
*horsehead philodendron
*heart shaped ivy


I would love to trade for some monstera adonsii and string of hearts. I have a 100 year old hoya carnosa and a brazillion philodendron.

I have some various pothos, wandering jew, spider plant, and giant purslane for some of your Hoya!

hi! I’d be super interested in the tetrasperma. I have quite a few plants, but not quite what you want ( my calatheas are kiiinda big and hard to send without them getting damaged). Are you into vining plants at all? if so, I’d be happy to make a package with hindu rope hoya, hoya carnosa, and a couple more cool hoya plants hanging out. I also have a few established pilea peperomioides ( I know those are popular).

I’d be down to trade for the adonsii what kind of philodendron do u have?

I’m looking for hoya carnosa compacta variegated I’d be down to trade for my r. tetrasperma

A Brazilian it’s beautiful and I now also have some golden devils pothos and fire sticks

Hi! Are you still looking to trade?

Hi i have variegated hoya carnosa i would love to to trade for tetrasperma

Hello! I have a variegated goya kerii I would be willing to trade for your string of hearts if you still have that.

Hey, I’m really sorry that I didn’t see this earlier. What’s your ig handle? I’ll pm you there!

Yes I would totally be down! Let’s do it!!

What else are you looking to trade for? I’m dying for some hoyas.

@Petalsinfullbloom let me know what kind of hoyas you have. I have a couple but they’re so easy to care for I’d be down to trade for some others. My tetra is not too big so it’s be a smaller cutting if that’s cool. Hit me up

Let’s trade adonsi for your hoya message me on insta @Petalsinfullbloom

Good morning! I have two calathea and two maranta that I’m willing to share a cutting for a monstera adonsi or monstera deliciosa or string of hearts?? :blush:

Yes let’s trade! What kind of calathea do u have?

I have 2 maranta lemon lime, and 2 peacock calatheas. :blush: I have pictures of them on my Instagram. It’s @laurasjungle

Yea lets trade for the peacock cal would u be down to trade a cutting of your cascade?

I could do a peacock cutting for monstera adansonii and my ruby cascade for a cutting of you string of hearts?