WANTED: Any plant cuttings anyone has going! 🤗 will pay p&p!

hello! looking to grow my plant empire in my little flat :leaves::full_moon_with_face: unfortunately with my plant collection currently I can offer already established aloe vera plants. I’m open to any sort of cuttings people are willing to pass along, I’ll happily pay any p&p and potentially but some money towards it depending on the cutting!

I’m based in London, UK. I currently have a number of spider plants, string of hearts, string of buttons, and a very large Aloe Vera!

Please let me know if you have any I’d love to add some new members to my plant gang :leaves::heart:️ Thank you!

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Welcome! Could you a) state in which country you are and b) list which plants you already have, please? I think that might be helpful to potential swappers.

Updated now, thank you!

@PlantswithLou Could you take a cutting from your string of hearts? I gave Peperomia Rotundifolia, Crassula Ovata or some crassula rupestris if your interested :+1:

@PlantswithLou Funnily enough I’d love a rooted string of hearts and aloe vera please. I have rooted well established little classic jade money plant and what I think is crassula ovata gottum. I can take pictures if that hps. I have others but need to figure out what they are and am also in the process of bringing on other cuttings. Dawn