Want zebra plant, Haworthia, euphorbia, cissus

I’m looking for
Striped haworthia (various names)
Striped aloe (various names)
Caudex euphorbia
Euphorbia various
And more… What do you have?

I have lots to trade including
Philodendrons various types
Begonia Maculata wightii cuttings (water propagating)
Baby monstera rooted
Hoyas inc. Linearis.
Adansonii rooting currently
Syngonium butterfly
Lots more.

I’d love to see pics

Hi there!
I have two striped haworthia babies if you are still interested, and more.
I’ve created apost a couple of days ago where you can find a list with pictures of what I have for swap.
I would be interested in your hoya linearis and adansonii :slight_smile:
Let me know!

I have a lot of Aloe Aristata I could swap? If they are of interest to you, let me know x