WANT/wish list TX

Good morning, I’m new to this website. :slight_smile:

My wish list are
•Neon pothos
•watermelon peperomia

I’m open to taking cuttings. Thank you!! :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️

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I’m brand new to this, too! I would be willing to trade a neon pothos cutting for something. What do you have?

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Hi Katie :slight_smile:️ Nice to meet you.

I have a spider plant, Golden pothos, burros tail, Peperomia obtusifolia, string of pearls, and a pilea but her babies are not old enough to share with.


I’m sorry, but I have all of those except the burros tail, and I always kill succulents, unfortunately (my string of pearls will not last long, lol).

Nice to meet you though!

I live in TX as well! I have a neon pothos and can exchange a cutting for a baby pilea when it’s ready :slight_smile: