Want, willing to trade/buy

Hello! I’m looking for clippings of a rhaphidophora tetrasperma or a philodendron pink princess. I’ll cover postage if you’re kind enough to part with a clipping!!! I’m also more than happy to trade plants if I have something youd like :slight_smile:

Sadly I don’t have a r. tetrasperma or pink princess, but I do know where you can buy a pink princess for cheap. Only downside is shipping takes a while. My variegated monstera took over a month to get here from them but was well worth it since it was still alive. You can see all my plant on Instagram @lbtroicals if you’d like to swap. I’m interested in climbing aroids for my living wall.

That’s ok, as long as it gets here alive haha
Where can I get a pink princess or varigated monstera?

It’s called asean plant export. unfortunately they don’t have the variegated monsteras anymore, but I only paid $40 for mine and it had leaves larger than my hand. I put the link to their pink princesses for $30. If you buy one I hope it arrives alive! The owner of the shop is very helpful in his responses, and it should be noted if you live in the US, it’s normal for the plant to sit in customs for more than 10 days. Beware the US postal service likely won’t scan the package in during that time, making it look like your plant is still in Thailand.

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You are an absolute blessing thank you so much!!! Also your plant insta is fire

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Did you end up ordering a pink princess from that site? Wondering how it turned out if you did

No I didnt because I’m broke af rn :confused:


I have Rhaphidaphora tetrasperma cuttings