WANT: watermelon Peperomia, Begonia Maculata, Arthuriam Clarinervium


Just signed up today and so happy to have found this site!
I am UK based and looking for a few plants I am struggling to find here.

I have the following plants/cuttings available:

Purple oxalis (my outdoor ones are dormant at the moment so can send roots)

Purple Zebrina cuttings

Donkeys tail succulent babies

Pilea Peperomioides (lots of established plants about 2 years old now as well as babies)

Baby carnivorous sundew

Spider plant cuttings

String of hearts

Best Wishes!


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You got some great plants to trade unfortunately I can’t help out with what you need at present.

Hey, I’d love some purple zebrina cuttings and purple oxalis bulbs if you still have any?

I have a rooted watermelon. I can send you a picture later :slight_smile:

I have lots left and my oxalis just started to wake up! I’ll DM you :slight_smile: