Want variegated ZZ + others. Have lots to swap


I’m mainly looking for
Variegated ZZ plant

But also after
Aglaonema silver king /silver bay
Fatsia japonica spidersweb
Cissus Rhombifolia
Philodendrons - Black Cardinal / Camouflage / Prince of Orange / Ring of Fire / Mican / Royal Queen
Nepenthes - pitcher plants

I understand some of these plants are rarer than most of mine, so happy to negotiate :smiley:

Philodendron scandens - rooted
Devils ivy - rooted
Spider plant - unrooted babies
Crassula ovata / Jade plant - semi rooted
Aloe Vera
Satin pothos - rooted
Tradescantia Zebrina - unrooted
Tradescantia Tricolor - unrooted
Syngonium - rooted
Marble queen pothos - rooted
Monstera deliciosa - Swiss cheese plant - rooted (whole plants)
Monstera adansonii - unrooted
Monstera Standleyana - rooted (i think)
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Hi, I have philodendron micans. Would you like to swap for monstera standleyana?

Have lots of micans, healthy Nepenthes and a large Aglaonema I’d be happy to share for the Monstera Standleyana. Can post pics this evening.

Not sure if this is the one you are looking for?