Want: variegated plants Have string of pearls, string of hearts, Pilea and succulents

Want variegated monstera
Pothos variegated
Hoya variegated

Anything variegated

Hi again, I have the usual variegated Spiderplant babies (green edge white Centre stripe) and/or could snip off some Tradescantia (green/pink/white variegation, probably T. Fluminensis lilac) for you to water root at your end.

I’d love a Tradescantia!

Here’s what the Tradescantia parent looks like from the front and from behind when light shines through the underside. It was grown from a cutting last Summer so it’s a vigorous one when it’s happy. You never quite know what colouring will develop from each cutting but mostly they turn out green and white with a hint of pink. If you private message me your address details I’ll get some freshly snipped bits off to you :seedling: