Want: Trailing Swiss Cheese Plant (aka: Monstera Obliqua, split leaf philodendron)

Hi All,
I’m looking for this: http://cubits.org/indoorjungle/pics/2010-05-16/plantladylin/25ed1b.jpg

I have in exchange: pothos 'njoy, brazil philodendron, a couple of varieties of spider plants, neon pothos, chain of hearts and silver squill.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

@Pippadeedippity , Hi Mindy! I think you’re looking for M. Adansonii. Obliqua is extremely rare, and only been seen and recorded a handful of times. I have an adansonii plant I would be willing to take a cutting of. You can see it on my Instagram at @plantmads_ . Do you have a picture of your chain of hearts?

Hi Plantmads,
Sorry for the delay. Yes, I can send you a photo of my chain of hearts plant that I’d be happy to send you cuttings of in exchange for a cuttingbif your plant ( adansonii). I’ll send a photo this evening when I get home.
Thank you very much!

@Plantmads I actually just asked my roommate to send me some pics of my chain of hearts so I could get them to you sooner. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Dang that is a beautiful plant :heart_eyes:

I’m dying for both of those :heart_eyes: I just got into plants and live in Kentucky so nothing interesting is available here. I do have a Hoya carnosa that’s over 100 years old and a Brazilian philodendron I could trade.