WANT to trade cacti (cactus), succulents, and houseplants of any kind

I have a small greenhouse that harbors about 40 different small succulents and some Texas natives that I’m willing to trade for literally any plant as I would like to continue to grow my collection.
US area only, unless you have a detailed way to get them to your country.


If you’re looking to trade cacti, I’m your gal! Find me on IG @daffadowndillyy to see a small portion of my collection, that’s also the best way to message me for swaps.


I would love to share some of my collection with you! I have hundreds of cacti, succulents, and houseplants. Hit me up on Instagram also (@minnesota_succulents) and we can set something up for the spring. It’s almost -40F below 0 with the windchill today in MN so we will have to wait a few months for it to warm up!! :snowflake:

Happy holidays,



Hello!I have some succulent cuttings that we can trade if you’re willing for your collection :") :heart::herb:

I Have A Beautiful Angel Wing Cane Begonia Start As Well As Some Inglish Ivy Starts And Pink Polka Dot Plant Starts, Also Can’t Take A Purple Passion cutting, Lmk What you have To Trade

@SunshineMarket Hi, I’m looking for cane begonias. Do you have pics of yours?

Hello, yes. If you could post or message me at (830) 267-9467 with what it is you have to offer, that would be great.

I have over 100 different types of succulents (some similar or the same species) that I’m 100 percent willing to trade. If you want something that it growing in the ground, I can always dig it up and send it to you at little or no cost if that’s what you like.

@SuburbanJungalow I have some pink wax begonias that are just starting to grow from tubers but I have not had much luck with them in the past. If you have a woody, perennial variety that we could trade for, I’d love that.

Yes! Can’t figure Out How To Upload It Here, Txt Me At 971-201-0728 And I Will Send Pics!

That would Be Awesome, I Have Cuttings For Purple Passion Plant A Pink Polka Dot Plant As Well As Fannie Moser Angel winged Begonia, Could You Send Pics Of A Few Variety’s?

Hi, I’m looking for cane begonias for indoors. Thank you