WANT: String of pearls, trailing/hanging plants/succulents. Fiddle leaf

Hi all!

I’m looking for some string of pearls for the collection! Also very interested in other hanging/trailing succulents and the like. Or a fiddle leaf fig :slight_smile:

I have a few different sanseveria, Plumeria cuttings and seedlings, hostas, Spider plant babies, peace lilies, golden marbled pothos, ivy, wandering jews, ficus benjamina, pencil cactus. Also tricolor crotons and Kalanchoe. Catalpa seedlings and seed pods.

What about trading a Sedum Burro’s Tail for golden marbled pothos? :slight_smile:

I have what I think is called sedum blue spruce. My dad has tons of it, if you’d like it. I’d love to have a Benjamina ficus or pencil cactus !

Yes that sounds good to me! Are you on Instagram? I’m @airplantdesignhaus

I’d be up for that, I’m on Instagram @airplantdesignhaus

Yes it’s my private page but I’ll shoot you a message

I have a baby string of pearls that rooted and I just repotted in a 1 inch terra cotta. Doing very well!! Willing to trade for a sanseveria, marbled pothos, or peace lilly.

Okay that sounds great to me! Hit me up on Instagram, @airplantdesignhaus