WANT: Scindapsus treubii

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a cutting of Scindapsus treubii (sometimes called Scindapsus moonlight) and haven’t been able to find one in the UK!! Please let me know if you have one to swap and I can let you know what I have in exchange :relaxed::green_heart:


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Hey @pink.curtains!

Here’s a pic of my S. Moonlight. It’s on the smaller side, not ready for cuttings yet imo. But I could send you the whole plant…

I peeked your Insta, and oh my dog, you got a Pink Princess - any chance you could take a cutting? I would happily throw in something else in that case, how about a Dieffenbachia Reflector?

Have a great day! :sparkles:

Wow Jules!! I’d never heard of this guy before but he’s a looker :heart_eyes:

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@plantpony Ohh what a stunner, thanks for the offer! Unfortunately I have to admit I’m not quite ready yet to take cuttings of my PP :see_no_evil: but do let me know if you’d be willing to swap for something else (I’d even be happy with just one leaf and node!). I have some Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, Epipremnum marble queen / neon / n’joy, philo micans / lemon lime, baby variegated Monstera etc. Let me know if any of those tempt you and I can send some photos across!

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@Mildred.DOOM I know right!!! :heart_eyes:

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@pink.curtains The plants you mentioned are gorgeous, but I already have 'em all…:disappointed_relieved:

@plantpony bummer! Thanks anyway, if I can’t find one elsewhere and change my mind about the PP I will let you know x (I did think about trying to propagate some this year so let’s see how it goes :blush:)

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@pink.curtains Sounds good - maybe we can chat again later this summer after all our plants have put on some growth :joy: Here’s to propagation success :pray:

Also wondering if there is anything else you’re after that I could add to the potential deal? Monstera Standleyana or Philodendron Xanadu maybe? Happy to stay in touch, and send you some Moonshine at last! :green_heart:

@plantpony yes let’s do that! I’m currently waiting for my monstera standleyana which I’ve recently ordered and not too into xanadu haha! Not really looking for anything else specific at the moment, how about you? What’s your instagram handle by the way? :blush:

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@pink.curtains Great! :sparkles: Will keep an eye on this website and you already found me on IG…

Is your Scindapsus Moonlight still available? Thanks