#want Rhaphidophora tetrasperma (Philodendron Ginny) #have Philodendrons, Monstera

Looking specifically for Rhaphidophora tetrasperma aka Philodendron Ginny

Would love to swap cuttings or possibly pay for one!

#have (Not all are rooted cuttings yet, but can start upon swap agreement)

  • Monstera Adansonii (Swiss cheese plant)
  • Tradescantia zebrina (Wandering jew)
  • Epipremnum aureum (Marble queen pothos)
  • Pothos n’joy)
  • Philodendron ‘brasil’
  • Philodendron Micans (Velvet leaf)
  • Philodendron brandtianum
    and quite a few others! If you also need any pictures of the plants, I’d be happy to share. I’m located in the PNW.

You can also find me on Instagram: Instagram.com/PlantDaydreams

:slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hi, I don’t have a tetrasperma but I do have a couple of rooted pothos satin and rooted neon pothos. If you’re interested, I’d like to trade for some of your philo brandtianum/micans.

Are you still looking to trade? I have a cutting of raphidophora tetrasperma if you would want to trade for a brandtianum cutting? I have many other plants to share as well if you have any others we can discuss?

@MamaWildePlants If you happen to have more Ginny, is there any chance you’d be willing to trade for a Ficus Triangularis cutting that I’m currently rooting? Thanks!

im Sorry, I don’t have any left. Sorry for the late response.

Hi @maocon,

Did you find the raphidophora tetrasperma you were interested?
I’m looking for the Ficus Triangularis…
I wish we could swap but we are so far apart.

All the best!

Have you swapped your ficus yet?? Would love one. Also would be willing to buy it from you if I don’t have anything you’re interested in. Message me here or on Instagram @allysonicolevans