WANT: Rare philodendrons, r. tetrasperma, cissus discolor, syngonium macrophyllum HAVE pink princess, cebu blue, and others

Hi all!
Seeking any rare/unusual philodendrons or below wishlist plants:
P. Graciela
P. Gloriosum
P. Burle Marx Fantasy
Peperomia prostrata
P. Guttiferum
Anthurium Ace of Spades
Cissus discolor
Raven ZZ (even just a leaf?)
Monstera standleyana albo
Syngonium macrophyllum
Variegated string of hearts
Syngonium chiapense

-pink princess (not yet rooted)
-cebu blue
-philodendron golden sunrise
-orchid cactus
-maranta lemon lime*
-tradescantia zebrina *
-tradescantia fluminensis variegata
-solid purple wandering Jew*
-philodendron Brasil*
-pothos n’joy*
-Hoya Carnosa variegata
-string of hearts
-heartleaf philodendron*
-golden pothos*
-ctenanthe lubbersiana
-Hoya carnosa compacta

*Will consider trading 2 more “common” cuttings for the more rare ones on my wishlist!

@littlejungleofmine on IG

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hello! I have a very small cutting of burle marx fantasy, r. tetrasperma, pep prostrata, and syngonium chiapense! I’m interested in your pink princess! you can message me on insta if you’re interested in any of those! I’m @botanicalbailey

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hey! i have a raven zz that I can give you a few leaves from for your pink princess? insta msg me @stay.rooted_