Want rare philodendrons/monsteras/hoyas (have pink princess, r. Tetrasperma, hoyas)


I’m looking for any rare philodendrons (especially melanochrysum or karstenianum), Monstera siltpecana, or Hoya linearis (not sure if those ship well, though?)… have some pink princess starter plants, rhaphidaphora tetrasperma, or variegated Hoya compacta or hoya kerri I could trade. Also open to other offers…

Happy trading!




Hello Erica!
I would love to swap with you. I have a Siltpecana I just started root… so that is definitely an option. I also have Epipremnum Pinnatum “Cebu Blue”, Socialis Scillia, Philo Brasil, Pilea Cadieri, and Alocasia “Frydek” (fully rooted, starter plants)…just throwing some ideas out there. I’m interested in a Pink Princess starter.

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Hi Erica! Although I don’t have the plants you’re looking for, I do have some philodendrons like a neon, brasil, and have other plants some on my Instagram: laurasjungle if you’re interested. I’ll love a pink princess starter and if I don’t have anything… I would love to purchase :slight_smile:️:crossed_fingers:t3:

Hi!! I am looking for Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma ! I am in Canada and wondering if you’d be willing to try sending over the border ? I am happy to pay you!! Have been dying to get my hands on one !

Hi, I have philodendron panduriforme. I’m interested in the r. Tetrasperma @Plantladynyc

Hi Darcel, I’m interested in your alocasia frydek. I have some philodendron panduriforme if you’re interested in trading. @Darcelt

@SuburbanJungalow I’m definitely down for a “Frydek” share! Msg me on Insta @DarcelT

Hi, would you be able to message me an image? I’m also @beany81 on instagram if that’s an easier place for that… def interested in the Siltpecana. Just want to compare the size to the pp I have…

Not really interested in that one. :(((( Sorry!! Let me know if anything else. :slight_smile:

Hi! Trying to save some of my rare cuttings/starter plants to trade for the ones I’m looking for. Sorry!! I’ll look to see if there’s something else I might be willing to trade someone for!


Hi there,
I just got a cutting of a huge phildodendron, but I’m in the middle of figuring out what it is. I suspect “Dark Lord.” Would you be interested in seeing/identifying? I’m on IG as lowkeyplantlady, feel free to message me!

Hey there! I have some siltepecana I’d be willing to trade for pink princess! I also have tons more you may be interested in (anthurium veitchii, rare hoyas, etc), feel free to message me on insta @botanicalbailey if you are interested :slight_smile:

hey interested in your ppp starters! check out the link on my instagram page @stay.rooted_ for a list of my plant babies!