WANT: rare philodendrons (eg. Strawberry shake, snowdrift)

Hi, I’m looking for the rarer philodendrons. Here’s my list:

NOTE: I don’t have anymore cutting left now, but check back with me in a few months in the future in case I do.

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Mother plant that i can take cuttings from to trade :slight_smile:

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WOW what an amazing collection and a gorgeous plant! I have absolutely nothing worth swapping for that but had to say!

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Thank you so much! :heart:

All of my rare philodendrons are too small to take cuttings from I would love to purchase a few cuttings of of you if that is possible?

Hi! That’s completely possible for the monstera, though unfortunately I just got back from holiday and the princesses are not doing so well. I dont want to stress them just yet by cutting them but if they were what you are after you can poke me again in a month or so to check in :slight_smile:

Otherwise you’refree to choose what you want from the leaves, I have small, medium, large…I’m quite open to cutting them. The stems are pretty thick. 15637104720135157254218801420422 15637105182871811644004540196231 1563710547943174875054953270396615637108597439023616651639086227 15637109545185222793230639812114

I would love a cutting if this but here if that is possible?

Will definitely check back on the pink princess! How much would you like for the monstera cutting?


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The top top shoot with 1+new leaf coming or the one where the thumb is, or all of them together? :smiley:

What would the different prices be?

I need to check postage costs but i think you can probably add 10e ish to the prices. I’ll get back to you with that :slight_smile:

Small baby leaves 15e each

Top cut medium leaf + new one on the way 45e (I think the next leaf will mainly be white)

15637169680888965404341714024750 15637170138803662720665563841761 15637170343087171566007509172494
Medium 30e each

Smaller large leaf with a small tear 50e

Really large leaf 75e

If you want a specific combination or multiple we can discuss price.

I would love a couple small baby leaves with allot of variegation on please, drop me a message and we will discuss payment and postage :blush:

Can I buy the small baby albo leafs from you for 15 add 10 for postage I can paypal you:)

No that’s perfect thank you :blush:

Hi Lucy! I would like to buy a cutting from you too :slight_smile: I live in Belgium. Can we plan something?


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I’ll PM you with some info! :slight_smile:

Hi i am looking for philodendron Brandtianum, monstera siltepecana or a cebu blue. if you have any to sell?

I unfortunately don’t, but good luck in your search! <3

thanks a lot…

Do you have any small leaves left? I’m interested x