WANT: purple Oxalis (updated)

Looking for:
Purple Oxalis,
string of pearls,
Wandering Jew,
and agleonema pictum tricolor.

Peace lily
Scindapsus pitus (silk pothos)
Golden pothos
Watermelon peppermonia

I only have the wandering Jew but I have 2 kinds, the furry leaf kind and zebrina. I would send both for a pilea. I’ve been looking for one for at least a year! I have other things I could offer as well just nothing else on your list.
Thank you!

Hey! I have purple Oxalis I could send in exchange for watermelon peperomia. I also would love some silk pothos. I have both burgundy and ruby variegated rubber plants rooted as well as variegated hoya carnosa variegata and a million baby jades. Could also send you cuttings of red prayer plant, peperomia ruby cascade, and lipstick plant

I have the purple wandering Jew and would looove some watermelon peperomia cuttings if you haven’t traded already :slight_smile: