#Want: philodendrons, anthuriums, Hoya, dwarf umbrella plant

#Have: string of hearts vine, pilea norfolk, variegated spider plant, golden Pothos, a couple Euphorbia, various succulents…
I have a birds nest sansevieria pup I might give for a good trade.

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Hi! I have a dwarf umbrella plant that I could take some cuttings for for you, but I’ve never tried to propagate them before…

I’m really interested in getting my first hoya plant :heart_eyes: or a string of hearts piece

My hoyas are just babies, so there’s not much to cut from yet. :confused: But I could get you string of hearts for sure! I hear that for umbrella plants you need to take a stem cutting, not just the compound leaf. Is that what you were thinking?

I have philodendrons! I have been looking for monsteras for so long and I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find them! Message me if you want philodendrons!

I can send some silver philodendron your way if you’d like. I’d love to have a bit of string of hearts!

Let’s do it! Do you have an Insta we could connect through?

I have a Hoya carnosa that’s over 100 years old and I would love some hearts on a string! I’m new to the plant life so my collection is tini

sorry it’s been a hot minute! I didn’t realize it would have to be a stem cutting, so I probably won’t be clipping mine :confused: