Want: Philodendron pink princess!



I am looking for Philodendron pink princess. I have some pothos plants, philodendron xanadu, pilea, watermelon peperomia… If nothing else I will be really grateful for any useful advice about where to get one in Europe.


An account I follow in London just picked one up from a garden centre there… If you’re in england it could be worth a try? https://www.bomagardencentre.co.uk


If you’re not in the UK:
The webshop www.replant.nl ships all over Europe, saw on their facebook-page they are selling a selected number of pink princesses soon.


Thank you so much for the hint! I will keep an eye out for when they start selling the plant.


Unfortunately no. Thanks anyway!


I have some for sale. They are being slowly listed on Etsy if you’re interested.

Be warned. They aren’t cheap- they were extremely hard to find!


Yes I am! Thank you. :blush:


Drop me a message - we’ll figure something out (and perhaps save me a job of listing them!)


The last time they had them was about a week ago, 12 plants sold in 2 minutes!


I can guarantee I’ve still got a few left!


Also looking for one in the UK if anyone has one still available?