Want philodendron micans/pink syngonium/Satin Pothos (Scindapsus pictus)/philodendron lemon lime/ monstera peru

Hi everyone!

I have:
*Peperomia raindrop
*Peperomia obtipan
*Peperomia clausiifolia
*Peperomia pixie lime
*Golden pothos
*Neon pothos
*Maranta leuconera

If interested let me know. Thanks!

Hi! Which maranta leuconera do you have?

Hi! The one with pink veins.

Ah, thank you. Unfortunately I already have that one.


I have few hoya carnosa cuttings very well rooted ready to be planted.
Will you be interested?

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for offer. Can I see the cuttings and the mother plant, please? Id like to know if I already had it.

The cuttings come from mother plant, i dont have photos of it but its is 2 meter tall, very healthy! I do have couple planted myself, and they keep growing every year.

here are my cuttings (from my mothers plant):

and this one is one of my plants:

I also have arrowhead plant, if you are interested:

Nice! I don’t have that hoya! what of my list of plants would you like to swap for?

either of those two :slight_smile:

Ive just posted the last calathea cutting yesterday! but I got leuconera cuttings!

Perfect! that will do! do you have pictures of your cutting? is it fresh cut or has roots?

2 well roots cuttings. Many nodes.

just DM you :smiley:

I have a pink syngonium (syngonium neon Robusta) if you have any of the calathea or maranta left?

Hi, thanks for your message. What a pity! I bought neon robusta a month ago! I have a cutting of maranta left. Calathea is gone. Do you another syngonium/ maranta lemon lime/ peperomia rugosa or frost?

Hi, I have 4 syngoniums in total (neon robusta, white butterfly, sunshine speckle and Berry allusion) if any of those are of interest?

Yes, the berry allusion syngonium. I’ll pm you.

Hey I have a satin pothos if you are still interested :blush: