WANT: Philodendron Micans or any kind of monstera

Golden Pothos [rooted cuttings]
Yucca [baby one /rooted]
Philodendon hederaceum [rooted cuttings]
Begonia Tamaya [rooted cutting]
Begonia Black Fang
Oxalis triangularis bulbs
Peperomia Caperata Green Ripple [rooted]
Pilea Involucrata [fresh cuttings]
Kalanchoe tormentosa [rooted]
Dracaena draco [rooted]
Zamioculcas ‘raven’ [rooted or fresh stem/leaf cuttings]

Also open to other interesting offers.

i have some philodendron micans and I’m in love with the Philodendon hederaceum😍

AWWW, really? YAY, I’ll send you a private message.

Could I see a picture of your golden pothos?


Sure. Can we speak via instagram messages? Its easier to show you my plants. My instagram account is: The Upstairs Jungle. DM there. :slight_smile:

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