Want: philodendron mamei, pastazanum, sodiroi, plowmanii

Hey! After any rarer philodendrons - I have micans, gloriosum, brandtianum, white Knight, white wizard, ppp, Florida ghost, melanochrysum.

I could offer cuttings of micans, Florida ghost, white knight or wizard (probably), small amounts of brandtianum and stem cuttings of melanochrysum. Also got variegated Hoya compacta, Hoya obovata variegated, potentially could divide my calathea white fusion. I have heaps of stuff - have a look at knotsandleaves on insta.

Please don’t be offended if I’m not interested in something - I have really limited space and ironically am trying to slim down!

I’m happy to send you a silver sword philo if that’s of interest to you.