Want - philodendron cuttings

I have philodendron red emerald & philodendron super atom.
I’m looking for basically any type of philodendron cutting or Pothos that you have to grow my collection.
I can trade back a cutting of my red emerald, Ctenanthe burle-marxii cutting, golden Pothos and a selection of succulent babies :blush:

I have a velvet leaf philodendron (micans, I think) that I can take cuttings from if you’re after it :blush:

Yeah I’d love a cutting! What would you like back?

I’ve got a variegated pothos if you’re interested?

I have a philodendron brazil cutting if you’d like to swap?

I have a pothos o joy and a golden one I can take cuttings from :slight_smile:

I have both of those but I’d be interested in a cutting of your philodendron super atom
or ctenanthe burle-marxii if you have any? :slight_smile: