Want: philo micans, philo hastatum and cebu blue, have lots to swap

Got tonnes to swap, let me know :slight_smile:

Hi, I have Micans I can take a cutting from to swap, do you have anything interesting/rare to trade?

Hi! Thank you so much but i actually just bought one this morning - finally found one! I don’t suppose you have a philo hastatum or scindapsus treubii?
Was there anything in particular you were looking for?

Hello! Do you still have a cutting of your micans available? I’d quite like to add to my baby! Was there anything in particular you were looking for? X

I have a micans I can take a cutting from yep, would be 1 stem un-rooted… My collection is mainly philo’s and alocasia, so something along those lines would be ideal! generally not looking for anything you can find easily at the garden center though :grin:

If you’re on insta I’m knotsandleaves - have a look and see if anything takes your fancy I could take cutting from! I’m away at the moment but when I’m home Tuesday I can give you a better list :slight_smile:


I have a p. hastatum cutting currently in water. Do you happen to have anything from my wish list?
Could also get some p. micans cuttings (unrooted).


hey i have hastatum :slight_smile: