Want: peperomiapostrata, dischidia, peperomia ruby cascade,

Want: peperomiapostrata, dischidia, peperomia ruby cascade

Have: string of pearls, string of hearts, monstera, Pilea babies (not currently ready), asparagus fern, devils ivy

Happy to also pay if nothing suitable to swap


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Hi there! I have a peperomia prostrata and a dischidia nummularia. I’d be glad to trade cuttings of any of these two (or both) for some string of pearls cuttings if you want to! I don’t have any rooted cuttings of them but could send you fresh unrooted ones (Plus I believe this would be less of a shock for them to travel than it would be for rooted ones but I don’t know…?! :woman_shrugging:)

Oh @withloveandwater, I’d love some D. nummuralia cuttings! Is there anything particular you’re looking for in return? I currently have:

-Crassula hobbit (small rooted plant)
-Crassula ovata (unrooted cuttings, already sitting in soil)
-Ctenanthe burle-marxii (rooted plants)
-Ctenanthe burle-marxii ‘Amagris’ (rooted plants)
-Epipremnum aureum/ pinatum / Pothos - Neon / Lime (rooted cutting, recently potted)
-Peperomia caperata red (well rooted plant, currently still in water)
-Peperomia polybotrya (raindrop) (several rooted leaves, slightly damaged)
-Peperomia argyreia (rooted plant, some damaged leaves, potentially Calcium deficient)
-Pilea Peperomioides (well rooted small plants)
-Stromanthe Triostar (well rooted small plants)
-Sanseveria (unrooted leaves)
-Tradescantia fluminensis Quicksilver (got gifted recently, somewhat rooted, sitting in water)

I also could take cuttings from Peperomia obtusifolia, Ceropegia woodii and two different Rhipsalis (one is cassutha, I think).

Happy to send you some pics, if you’re interested. D. nummuralia has been on my wishlist for a year now :blush:

Hey happy to swap you for those! I’ll Pm you

@Plantpony Well I’m hesitating, you have too much to offer! :laughing: I could be interested in Ctenanthe burle-marxii, or Ctenanthe Amagris (already have one, it looked amazing and grew up beautifully for about 2 years but now it seems to be dying and I don’t know what’s wrong… :cry: ) or Stromanthe Triostar. Could you please send me some pictures of these so I can decide which one I prefer?

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@withloveandwater I can send you all three! :smile: I’ll snap some pics later today and send you a PM to sort out the details! :sparkles: Have a great day! :sparkles:

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Here are your new babes, @withloveandwater! The ruler at the bottom is for scale. PMing you now!


@Plantpony oh wow, they all look gorgeous! But I can’t possibly take all three of them if I’m just sending you some unrooted cuttings of D. Nummularia! My brain just won’t let me accept this offer as a “fair trade” ahah. Is there anything else you might like?

I’ve seen in another post that you are looking for Hoya Linearis. I do have that one too! Mine is kind of small in size but has got some pretty long stems so I could take a few cuttings for you. It is a very slow grower though, I’d better warn you ^^ (as all hoya varieties I believe…)

Otherwise I’ve got the following to offer :

  • Tradescantia Zebrina
  • Tradescantia Fluminensis Tricolor - do not have much of this one at the moment as I basically just grew it from cuttings of my mother plant that was completely loosing her variegation and turning full green (YES, that CAN happen! :sweat_smile:), so I saved them by cuting them & planting them separately ^^
  • Tradescantia fluminensis fully green, ahah (it looks nice too though, and grows crazily fast!)
  • Tradescantia Pallida - recently got several long cuttings that I divided in more small/medium sized cuttings. Unrooted for now. Also for some reason they are rather green for now but their previous owner told me it always happened during winter due to the lack of light and they would turn purple in summer?!
  • A few rooted variegated Chlorophytum Comosum that are already in soil and a decent size
  • 2 baby Sanseviera Cylindrica that are already rooted and have been planted in soil for maybe 6 months or more now. They’re currently planted together but could send either both or just one depending on what you prefer.
  • Several recently cutted Opuntia cuttings, various sizes and some have had a little bit of sun damage and/or lost some spines. They’re super easy to root and will grow rather slow, as all cacti.
  • Several cute young Crassula Ovata Minor (sometimes called C. Ovata Minima) - Jade tree with smaller leaves than the “classic” one. Some were stem cuttings and are currently in 4-5cm pots and some are the cutest tiny green friends I’ve ever had, they were grown from a single leaf put in the smallest pots I could find and will turn 2 years old in June this year. (I’ll post photos so you can see everything I’m mentionning, these are trully adorable)
  • Crassula Pellucida (I believe) - I could take cuttings off my other plant. It is curetly rather green but turns purple-ish over time - especially in summer. It might also be slightly elongated but I’m not sure and think it looks lovely the way it is anyways.
  • Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus / Satin Pothos
  • Epipremnum aureum / Scindapsus aureus / Golden Pothos
  • Lots of Ivy - Hedera Helix (one variegated and one full dark green + more varieties but these are still cuttings in water that haven’t got roots yet so not available to trade just yet)
  • One baby Clivia Miniata that I haven’t taken off the mother yet but definitely could do it.

And I believe that’s all because my other plants can’t be propagated by cuttings (well some can, like my schefflera, but it’s pretty hard to succeed…)

Let me know if some of these could interest you :slight_smile:
Otherwise I also have several seeds but they’re mosty outdoors stuff : flowers, vegetables, herbs… I believe I must also have a few indoor tropical plants seeds but not sure where they are and what I had :laughing:

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Aww, that’s nice of you to offer, @withloveandwater! I really appreciate it! But don’t worry, it’s fine! I’ve been lucky that all of those plants grew very well for me last year, so I have an abundance. :raised_hands::pray: And this growing season is just starting…
Maybe next time we swap it’ll “even out” according to your sense of fairness, haha. For now, please don’t cut your Hoya, it sounds like it’s not big enough yet. :smile: :seedling:

P.S. You can copy&paste your list and create a separate post for higher visibility (re: interest other people).

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