WANT : peperomia pink lady

Hey !
I’m desperately looking for a peperomia pink lady. I have a lot to exchange! :slight_smile:

  • monstera variegata
  • kalanchoe fedt var
  • kalanchoe tubiflora
  • mother of millions
  • mother of thousands

Check my Instagram account to see what I have. I can propagate a lot of them.

Have a nice day !!

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Hey I have a few peperomias…

Peperomia Hope
Peperomia pixie
Red Ripple peperomia

And a few others… I’ll get their names.
Also other plants.

I’m looking for the Ficus Triangularis.

Hey, is there anything else that you wouyld like fore the Monstere variagated?

Omg I would lovee a variegated monstera. My ig is @Pottyboutplants