Want: peperomia argyreia (watermelon)

I’m looking for a cutting/starter plant of a watermelon peperomia :watermelon:

#want #peperomia

Hi, I’ve taken a few cuttings of mine this week, happy to swap once they’re rooted x


Yaaaaaas!! Good to know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: one of the few peperomia that interest me

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Hi I have a separate thread looking for one of these. I would love to swap something with your for one of your cuttings! Is there anything you are after?

I would absolutely love to have a watermelon Peperomia!

That’s great! Is there anything your looking for in particular? I’m happy send a donation otherwise :grin:

I have one :blush: if you are still interested!!

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Yes please!!! Is there anything specific you’d want to swap for it? :cactus::seedling:

No not really! I’d be happy with anything :smile:

I’ve listed a few things I have ready with roots; I don’t know if you’ll NOT have any of these :joy:

Hawthoria Zebra (both stripes and dots)
Hawthoria cooperi
String of pearls
Crassula rupestris marnieriana 'Hottentot’
Easter Catus (Pink Flowers)
Raindrop Peperomia
Moonstones (blue/grey)
Monstera Deliciosa

Things I can take cuttings/leaves of:
African Violet (Pale Amethyst, Berry/White mix)
Milk Tree Cactus
Jade Plant
Burros Tail

Let me know if any of these may be of interest!

I’d love to try the Raindrops and milk tree cactus!

I’ll send you a PM! :smiley:

I’ve got a beauty, she’s on my feed :wink:

I’ve got two wee babies I’ve propped from leafs :+1: first didn’t transfer from water to dirt well but I’m hopeful for these guys I have now… You should totally make babies too :wink:

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I’ve popped a dozen in water and some but leaves in soil, just going to try my luck lol, hopefully babies will follow real soon :hugs:

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I will warn you now they take awhile :joy: totes worth it though :+1: I didn’t succeed with watermelon in dirt but a raindrop I put in and forgot about did succeed, the first raindrop I tried failed because I was impatient and disturbed it so yeah no peaking!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You don’t have watermelon!? :open_mouth:

I had three leaves on a plant swap, the straight in dirt didn’t make it but the water props did just fine :+1: I have two babies who’ve (seemingly) successfully made the transfer to dirt :+1:

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Oh phew! I was going to say I have a zillion successful dirt propped leaves! I know I’m not supposed to leaf prop​:joy::rofl::joy::joy: but I found a great way to hide them haha


What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him :wink:

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