Want: P. Mamei or P. White knight, have P. Birkin to swap

Omg I wish I have anything interesting for you to swap that p. birkin. But I only have p. Squamiferum and p. Hastatum to swap. Please let me know if you are interested in these two.

Ah I’m sorry I have both of those, I’m also willing to swap for a calathea white fusion, p. Pastazanium or an aglaonema pictum bicolor.

I will have more p. Birkins in September, I can save you a baby if youd like :blush:

Yes, please. Thank you very much! I hope I have a plant in September you are interested in.

Philodendron Royal Queen

Philodendron Imperial Red

Would you be interested in swapping for other plants in your collection too?

@decorwithplants ah it’s no worries I usually have more than a few eenie babies that I dont sell :slight_smile:

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@EdenPerpetual ah I have the red emerald in variegated form, the royal queen is beautiful! But I dont have much space for it at the moment. I’m certainly down to swap cuttings for cuttings to be honest, it’s easier than a whole plant.

Here are all the plant species I have, a few are ambiguous because I really dont know what specific species they are, I’ve only figured out their genus or family :joy::grimacing:

These are the two I think may be peperomia but I’m not sure on:

If you see anything you would be interested in swapping let me know, I’ll look into whether I can make a cutting or not.

**almost forgot my philodendron micans

Thank you!

I have a smaller stablished plant on offer. I would love a Red Emerald Variegated. Can you take a cutting?

Thank you very much :heart: