Want: Orange Easter cactus & Clusia rosea & Coleus

Hi everyone, I’m looking for an orange blooming Easter cactus, Clusia rosea and any unusual looking Coleus. I have various things to swap for, e.g.:

Unrooted peperomia caperata Silber ripple
Unrooted scindapsus pictus
Unrooted Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus (pink and white)
Sansevieria cylindrica

Let me know what you have and what you’re interested in! Julia x

I’m interested in the Peperomia

I have Pilea, strong of pearls, string of hearts, monstera cutting, succulents

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Hi scottishplantlady! I already have all those, but happy to send you a cutting for p&p if you like? :slight_smile:

That would be amazing! Thankyou!