#WANT new green babies

Hi everyone I can’t seem to delete my previous posts but here goes another one…


Pink princess
White knight
Hoya Kerrii
Hoya Obovata
Calathea white fusion
Aglonema pictum tricolor

Neon pothos
Silver satin pothos
Marble queen
Maranta lemon lime
String of pearls
Spider plant
Zebra plant
Fittonia pink angel
Peperomia obtusifolia variegata
Watermelon peperomia
Lipstick plant
Philodendron brasil
Neon philodendron

I’m also down for other plant trades besides though, just pm me. My Instagram is @laurasjungle

I have h. Obovata. Would you trade for watermelon pep and some pink fittonia?

Hi I’ll definitely be interested! Can you message me on Instagram?