Want: micans philodendron and watermelon peperomia

Have pilea, maranta, string of hearts, senecio herrenianus, sedum burrito, mixed Succulents prop trays, polka dot plant, various succies, tradescantia, Rhipsalis etc xxx

I have rooted watermelon peperomia to trade! What kind of rhipsalis do you have? I’ve been lurking on this website for a while (first post!), but I’m more active on Instagram if you want to DM me: plantandpotter :slight_smile:

Edit: just realized this is under the “uncategorized” section - I’m USA based, not sure if you are also?

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Oops I meant to put it under Europe!

I have some watermelon peperomia leaves that I am propagating…just started to root so will be another month or so before any growth is visible. Please let me know if you are interested!

I am certainly interested, what are you looking for?


You don’t by any chance have a peperomia raindrop or philodendron Brazil?

Have both full plants and propagated cutting x

Ooo the Brazil would be lovely.
My cuttings have rooted in soil. They are at the very early stages and cut in half. I can take you a photo or do some fresh cuttings.

Could you send me a photo of what you have please :grinning: xx

Hi PlantandPotter!
I’ve been looking for watermelon peperomia, and I’ve been a lurker too. I’m USA, based in AR. I have rooted:

  • (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) Night Blooming Cereus
  • purple oxalis
  • aloe christmas carol
  • aloe pink blush
  • variegated jade
  • a variegated philodrendron that i don’t know the name of
    I also have a m. delicosa variegata, but she’s not big enough to take cuttings from yet, but maybe in a few months. Lots of other common succulents. Let me know if you would like to trade anything for the little watermelon pilea! Thanks!


Sorry for the delay!
Here are the photos:

Mother plant - which I can take fresh cuttings from:

And I also have a lot of cuttings propagating for the last two months now. They have rooted and some are slowly starting to sprout:

Great I’d love to swap for the watermelons the rooted, what are you looking for xx

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That’s fab!

I will DM you :slight_smile:

Hey I have watermelon what kind of variegated Philo do you have I’m in Brooklyn

Hey @Deja just to let you know you’re in the Europe forum and we can’t ship to the USA without a phytosanitary certificate
You’re best bet is to head over to the USA section