Want: Looking for Philodenron Micans


So I’m after a Philodendron Micans cutting either to buy or trade. I have to trade;

-Hoya Linearis (Unrooted)
-Aeschynanthus Marmoratus (Unrooted)
-Dischidia Ovata (Unrooted)
-Syngonium Podophyllum trileaf wonder (Rooted/Aerial roots)
-Syngonium Neon Robusta (Baby Plant)
-Various Epiphyllum cuttings not anguliger (some rooted/partially rooted) ask for pics :camera_flash:
-Callisia Repens Variegata (Unrooted but root incredibly quickly)
-Peperomia Prostrata (Rooted)
-String of Hearts (Rooting currently)

I’m happy to send a couple of the less rare items in combination for a cutting.

I have a micans cutting, unrooted but there are aerial roots. I’d be interested in the trileaf wonder, of your happy to swap? Do you have a photo?


That looks great. I don’t have pictures at the moment as it’s one of the plants I keep at my boyfriends house but I should be able to take some this weekend? If all looks good to you after that I am able to post the following Monday

Sure thing! Drop me a message and we can arrange the swap :smile: