WANT: Hoyas, variegated Ceropegia, Begonias


WANT: Hoyas, variegated Ceropegia, Begonias

HAVE: Hoya linearis, Begonia ‘Erythrophylla’ (beefsteak begonia) rooted cutting, Pellionia repens rooted cutting


I have hoya Krimson Queen, begonia listada and variegated string of hearts!! :heart:


I have the first two but would love the variegated string of hearts! Which cutting of mine are you interested in?


I have this hoya, can always take a cutting if you like?


hi there, I have a very similar Hoya already, however looking at your other post I would love a variegated Ceropegia cutting or variegated Saxifraga baby if possible? Which of mine are you after?


This hoya is so gorgeous, is there any chance you would send a cutting for p&p? I don’t think I would have much you would like! I have a senecio haworthii mont blanc I could take a cutting of?


I can send my saxifraga baby I got coming along. That one is rooted, I can also send you cuttings of my string of hearts but I am not sure if they are variegated. I am interested in the begonia and your hoya :slight_smile:


hey, of course I can message me your address and I will get a cutting to you :blush:


Ah yes actually it’s just the Saxifraga variegated I am after… Let me check on the Begonia, it’s probably ready to go but need to check roots. Probably need to wait a week or so anyway as forecast is freezing for next week … but I shall save it for you!


Sounds good to me, let me know when you send the begonia and I shall send the saxifraga. Hope the weather picks up soon it’s too cold for my liking :joy: