Want: Hoya plants/Cebu blue/Calathea white fusion

-Philo. Hastatum
-Calathea network
-String of turtles
-Satin pothos/ silvery anne
-marble queen
Tradescantia zabrina
-alocasia cuprea (one pup)
-tetrasperma rooted

What are you looking for? I’d love the Alocasia pup!

looking for calathea white fusion, cebu blue or hoyas

Would you be interested in Hoya Kerrii for alocasia cuprea

Would you be interested in a Hoya linearis rooted juvenile?

Hi are you still looking to trade? i have Hoya carnosa plenty of rooted cuttings ready to be planted.

I don’t have any of the plants you wanted but is there anything I could offer you for a tetrasperma cutting please?

How big is the hoya kerriiii :slight_smile: