Want: Hoya obovata

I find it very difficult to find this plant and I’m looking for a rooted plant- can anyone help me or swap?

I have a lot of plants to swap.

Hi, i have a cutting of hoya obovat splash. its currently rooting. its just 2 leaves cutting… what do you have to swap?

It might be easier if I ask you what’s on your wish list?

i am looking for Monstera siltepecana, or a philodendron Brandtianum. or any other interesting plant.Mostly i like vining plants

Hi, I’m very interested in the hoya obovata splash cutting. I have some cutting to trade:
Hoya linearis
Hoya polyneura
Philodendron micans
Pothos njoy
Pothos marble queen
Monstera karstenianum (peru)
Monstera adansonii
Selenicereus Anthonyanus (zig zag cactus)
Dischidia nummularia (string of coins)

Ah two I dont have :joy: my friend has the siltepecana, I can ask him if he has some cuttings

yes please. if your friend wants to sell the cuttings.

the plants you listed i have almost all of them.

I also have a rooted philodendron squamiferum leaf. But maybe you have one too.
Thank you anyway :blush:

yes, thanks anyways.
if you can ask your friend then i will be very thankful.

Ah yes, at the moment he is selling a 4 leaf (plus a new leaf) rooted plant for €20, I dont know if youd want me to get it for you or not.

does not he want to a swap?