Want: Haworthia cooperii var. truncata variegated

I’m looking for a starter cutting/plant similar to the one below (not my photo)

I have multiple Haworthia cooperi pups I would love to swap, however my haworthia has more of a pointy leaves

Let me know if you would fancy pups from this guy. I have a few rooted ones I would love to swap

Aha, I see and thanks for posting the picture. I already have a pointy type variety similar to this. I’m hoping to find the truncated version that is really rounded.

I too am on the hunt for this variety! I saw one in my local nursery some time ago (before I really got into houseplants) and haven’t seen any since :grimacing:

Yeah, it’s a really unique and interesting variety! I’ll remain on the lookout and report back if I’m able to find it.

It looks like blisters! Will keep an eye out