Want: ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig tree) cutting

Have: rubber tree, philodendron brasil, string of pearls, neon pothos, arrowhead plant

I have a ficus lyrata cutting that’s rooting in water right now. What do you have that we could trade for it? :slight_smile: I’m interested in the string of pearls, do you have anything else?

Oh awesome! Ive got a philodendron brasil rooting now, as well as a pothos with a little variegation. My string of pearls is pretty small still, might be best to wait a little until I can make you a really nice cutting :slight_smile: other plants I could take cuttings of are several Ivy’s or my rubber tree ficus? I also have a bunch of succulent leaves propagating now if you have any interest there? I wish I had more rare plants etc to offer but im pretty new at this house plant thing! Let me know :slight_smile:

Oh! I also have some cute little pilea babies.

Oh the philodendron brasil sounds perfect! I’m pretty new at this whole houseplant thing too - how do we send it to each other ? lol.

This page looks helpful: https://cleverbloom.com/how-to-ship-plants/

There’s also a handy thread on this page called ‘Shipping plants in winter’ - if you DM me on instagram @heathersplantlog we could swap addresses!

We also are currently getting snow dumped on us here, I wonder if its too cold to risk mailing just yet? My only worry would be if it gets dropped off while I’m at work and freezes!