WANT: Donkey's tail (sedum morganianum) babies


I would like some sedum morganianum babies.

I have a recently divided syngonium pixie to swap. I can also get some cuttings of string of pearls and string of hearts or golden pothos.

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I might have a few we can trade with!

Awesome. Are you interested in any of the ones I listed?

Golden and pearls are of interest!

I have some babies too if you’re interested :slight_smile:

@Violet absolutely

would you like an offset of a syngonium pixie for them?


Sounds great to me :slight_smile:

Do you have any advice on string of pearls care? I have one but it’s just a mess…barely any strings and literally just been hanging on for dear life the last few years!

Just seen your other message :slight_smile:
I have lots of bulbs and cuttings left! My Zebrina has a huge trim and all the cuttings are now rooted in water.

Oxalis has also started to wake up too.

I just received some watermelon cuttings and also typically found the plant over the weekend so I think I’m pretty much stocked up on them!

Let me know if you have anything else you’d like to swap!
I’m also after pilea raindrop, scindapsus pictus, satin pothos…but pretty much open to most things :slight_smile:

Hey, I will DM you @Violet

@ihavenogarden Hey! I don’t know if you got any in the end, but I have a few propping I could trade with! I would love some String of hearts :two_hearts: