Want: dischida nummularia, variegated philodendron, hoya, watermelon peperomia, begonia

Hello! I’m after “angel wing” begonias (tamaya, maculata), dischidia nummularia, variegated philodendrons (my kingdom for black cardinal! Or painted lady, or hastatum, or anything interesting), watermelon peperomia, hoyas like obovata… Basically lots. :sweat_smile:

I have lots of the usual suspects that I can take cuttings from: string of hearts, string of pearls, sedum morganianum (burro’s tail), scindapsus pictus. And also senecio “blue chalk sticks”, bryophyllum kalahari (or kalanchoe beauverdii?), epiphyllum anguliger, & a rhipsalis. Also willing to pay if a trade isn’t possible. Can post pics of anything that interests you.

Thank you!

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Hi there! Your post is old but nobody replied so I guess you might still be looking for Dischidia Nummularia? If yes, I’d be glad to exchange some cuttings for some epiphyllum anuguliger in exchange! :smiley:

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Hi! I would love some String of Pearls or Donkeys tail! I could trade for some Peperomia Rotundifolia or Jade plant cuttings or Echeveria Shaviana leaves :blush:

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Hello! I actually tracked down some dischidia in the end. I should probably close or update this post, as I’m pretty content with the plants I’ve got for now. But I’ll happily send you a couple epiphyllum anguliger cuttings if you’d like. DM me your details & we’ll sort it out. :green_heart:

Hello! I’m pretty happy with my plant family for now, but I can happily send you some cuttings. DM me your details & we’ll sort it out. :green_heart:

@SuccObsession hi I have established baby jade plants if you didn’t get one? I have a new watermelon plant would take a cutting once it is established. It’s tiny just now and only just arrived! Dawn

Sorry for the confusion, I have the Peperomia and Jade, I was looking for the Donkey’s tail :joy:

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Sorry I’m new. I’ll get the hang of this. Dawn

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No worries! :blush: happy planting!

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Hi i have a begonia maculata and i would love a scindpsus cutting

Hi there!

Was wondering if you could still take some cuttings from your scindapsus pictus and epiphyllum anguliger?

You might be interested in my begonia gryphon or hoya carnosa? I also have loads of succies I can send leaves of, and few peperomias.
Would be happy to pay for cuttings and postage too.
Let me know :slight_smile:

I have scindapus pictus argyraeus I could cut if not! Let me know

I have a painted lady - what did you mean by a Kingdom Philo?