Want: Begonia, Peperomia, Syngonium, & Cissus. Have: Philo. Micans, Dieffenbachia Reflector, Columnea gloriosa + more

Hello! :herb:

A few plants I’m looking for:

  • Begonia ‘Tiger’
  • Peperomia Caperata Abricos
  • Cissus Amazonica
  • Syngonium Red Arrow
  • Microsorium musifolium ‘Crocydyllus’

The cuttings I have rooting at the moment:

  • Philodendron Micans
  • Dieffenbachia Reflector
  • Columnea gloriosa

I have a lot of other plants I can take cuttings of too just let me know what you’re looking for if you have any of the plants I’m interested in :relaxed:

Hi Sophie. I have a cissus amazonica plant which I can take cuttings from. Unfortunately I’m not looking for any of those three you have. I will put a cutting in water in case you have something I go for in the future.

Thank you - is there anything you’re looking for?

I have a lot of plants (not everything is on Instagram yet unfortunately) so I might have something you’d like :blush:

Do you have any aroid available? Alocasia, monstera, epipremnum, syngonium… They are my favourites.

Ah, I don’t have any of those ready to propagate at the moment. Would you consider selling the cutting to me instead? No worries if not!

Sure. They have no roots yet. Do you prefer it unrooted now or with roots in some weeks? Tomorrow I will send you some pics of the cutting.

Thanks so much! Rooted might be best? Not sure how quick/easy they are to root. How much were you thinking + postage?

I think rooted it’s better. I don’t know how much time do they last to root, it’s the first time I try it. I was thinking in 8€ + postage. Is that ok for you?

OK, thank you. I’ve been buying a lot of plants this winter :sweat_smile: so I was looking to save myself a little money. I can get a 7cm pot for around £10 so I’ll have to skip your offer this time - I really appreciate it though!

I understand, I spent a lot as well. No problem at all! :blush: Thank you

Hi :herb:
I’m interested in your Philo micans. I have many peperomia Caperata types but not the abricos, is there any other pep types you’d be willing to swap for?

I’m not usually into peperomia and I’m only really interested in the Apricos. I could possibly be tempted by any black or silver varieties you might have? (I really don’t like the green varieties though, sorry!) I’m interested in odd looking or interestingly coloured plants so show me what you’ve got and maybe we can figure something out :blush::herb:

Hmmm, non green peperomia types I have are peperomia Caperata, silver ripple & peperomia albovittata, piccolo bando… :blush:

Is the Peperomia caperata the dark version? Do you have a photo at all? :slight_smile:

No, the Caperata is the silver ripple.

Hey I have a decent sized crocodile fern to swap (:slight_smile:

@VEwok117 I’m interested! What would you like to trade for? :slight_smile:

@K-Flower Ah, sorry, my mistake - I’m not familiar with peperomia at all! Unfortunately nothing catches my eye, sorry.

Do you have any Syngoniums at all?

If not I would be interested in a Diffenbachia Reflector if you feel that is a suitable trade (:slight_smile:

Unfortunately none of my syngoniums are ready to propagate yet. I’d be happy to trade for the Diffenbachia Reflector. It hasn’t rooted yet so I’d have to send wrapped in spagnum. Let me know if you’re ok with that :blush: