Want a variegated monstera

I know it’s a long shot but I am dying for even a baby variegated monstera or fresh seeds from the USA. I have tons of house plants I can trade - just let me know what you are looking for! I would purchase one too but some our outrageous expensive.

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Me too! It’s a darned unicorn.
Recommend you watch Kaylee Ellen’s YouTube about the scams people are pulling to take advantage of this plant’s popularity:

I ordered one where the seller very kindly cut all the leaves off (eyeroll). If I find a legit source, I will share it here.


Omg I was so close to linking this exact video. Be careful out there!

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I did find a source for Thai Constellation Monsteras, but they’re out of stock until December. :frowning:
Might be a good thing to put on Christmas lists:

I think we’ve got a tulip craze going on. This eBay auction was bonkers: