Very bad experience with online shop

I have recently ordered 3 plants from online shop I received only 2 plants and was refunded for 3rd one, without consent to the changed order. One plant I received was not the one I ordered and the other one was much smaller and the soil was drenched- even the box was wet. After contacting CS they responded:
“Hello we have money back on plants missed
hoya is great, peperomia is nice, sometime we can give similar plants it s normal, it s write on our policy”
After replying that this is unacceptable and I will open a case on Paypal, I received next messages:
“We are the only one to sell this hoya in europ now!
Sent us back plants!
No plants for free!
Hoya growing super fast! And pot is 14cm!
Peperomia IS same pot as describ!!!
Sent us plants back in same condition or paypal don t give you anything!
I m going to police!
Peperomia IS 6cm pot! Hoya 14cm pot! You receive what you buy!!! Don t loose my time!!!”
Hoya came in 12cm pot, Peperomia was 6cm but wrong species. The one I ordered is hard to get, I have never seen it sold anywhere I could buy it and it is why I decided to order from this site in the first place. Hoya had to be repotted and has lost some leaves because of all the shock.
I just wanted to warn you not to order from this seller as they obviously do not care about their customers.


I’m sorry for your experience :frowning: hopefully the plants you got will make it at least…
It is very much a lucky dip with these ‘cheap’ online sellers from my experience… :frowning:

I hope you got your money back at the end!

Don’t let negative experience put you off! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::herb::green_heart:

Oh thank you, I think with some TLC it will be fine💚. It better be for the money and shipping I paid😅.

I’m sorry you had such a terrible experience. Thanks for warning us!

They should refund you though and if they refuse, put a claim in with PayPal. You’ll most likely get your money back.

I know, I have seen it sold in more stores now. Thankfully after losing leaves in the beginning it is growing nicely now. I ordered Peperomia pereskiifolia. I also saw a listing on Araflora, but has not been in stock for ages. Please share the online stores, because there are still some plants on my wishlist (and will probably always be haha).

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