Variegated Monstera

I know it’s a long shot but I am dying for even a baby variegated monstera. I have tons of house plants I can trade - just let me know what you are looking for! *fingers crossed (:

I just got a small one myself from someone on IG but it is too small to share at this point and my understanding is that they grow much slower than their nonvariegated cousins. Their is a place that sells them for fairly reasonable prices. They are The Peoples Plants. I have not purchased from them but my girlfriend has. She received a good size plant with minimal damage from the weather. If you’re interested here is the link:

I am not connected with them in anyway. I did not buy my monstera from them because of the frigid cold weather here in NY. Best to you!


THANK YOU! I appreciate such a helpful reply. I just was looking into them and seems like a really nice guy running the page! I think I might go for it. I’ve seen some ridiculously priced cuttings and would love to be able to watch one grow myself. Thank you again!!

Glad it was helpful and I hope it works out for you!

have you found your monstera cutting? I am looking for one as well!

Just fyi, you should always google places before purchasing. I would avoid purchasing from anyone with these types of complaints:

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Hello! I have a monstera deliciosa and would LOVE to trade for a cutting of the variegated albo! I also have a few other rare plants I don’t know what else your looking for.

I am looking for a variegated albo